Care and maintenance of trident maple bonsai
Trident Maple Bonsai

Trident Maple Bonsai

Trident maple bonsai are easy to grow and very responsive. They bud readily and are easy to train.

Watering. Don’t allow your tree to dry out. The easiest way to establish a watering schedule is to dig a half inch into the soil. If it’s moist you can go another day. If not moist, it’s time to water.

Light. Tridents do best in partial to full sunlight. Anything less will have an affect on leaf size and fall color.

Pest control. Tridents will have pests like aphids, scale, and mealy bug. You can either use a broad spectrum systemic insecticide or blast the critters off with the pressure nozzle on your hose.

Pruning. Trident maples are active growers and will need to be pruned two or three times during the growing season. For established trees the best technique is to clip the new branch past the first pair of new leaves.

Repotting. Every year or two remove the tree from it’s pot just as the new buds are opening. Trim an inch or so around the entire root ball. Trim off about one third from the bottom of the root ball. Add soil to the pot and around the edges and you’re good to go. Use a little of the old soil to inoculate the fresh soil.

Temperature. Tridents are zone 5 hardy.

Fertilizing. Any houseplant fertilizer will work. Apply once a month at the recommended level.