SOLD - Trident Maple Bonsai

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SOLD - Trident Maple Bonsai
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Trident Maple, Acer buergerianum

This trident was imported from Japan in 1983. It was personally selected by bonsai master Susumu Nakamura. We understood it be be about 25 years old at that time. It was imported bereft of roots and branches. Initial styling was inspired by John Naka.

Since 1983 we have embarked on the adventure of bonsai development. By 1987 this trident maple, nicknamed Susu in honor of Mr. Nakamura, was shown at BCI '87 and included in the commemorative book of the convention. In the following few years Susu went on to accumulate more awards and accolades. Susu has been seen on HGTV, Discovery Channel, and PBS as well as several books and articles.

This bonsai has proven to be quite tolerant of our care. It reliably exhibits leaf reduction and short internodes. Fall color varies from none to spectacular depending on that year's conditions. It is currently growing in a mixture of akadama, crushed granite, turface, and bark.

This trident maple stands 26" tall overall and 21" from the soil line. It is well proportioned in a pleasant, nicely finished Chinese pot.

The price includes all packaging, handling, and shipping charges, a $250.00 value. Your bonsai will be packed in a sturdy container filled with styrofoam peanuts. We ship via UPS. By shipping in this manner we have had no damage to trees or pots. You'll also end up with enough peanuts to take care of your Christmas needs for several years.


Description and photos, September 2010.

Trident maple bonsai
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