SOLD Phoenix Graft Juniper

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SOLD Phoenix Graft Juniper
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SOLD Phoenix graft, Juniperus scopulorum / Juniperus shimpaku

I've never had much luck keeping rocky mountain junipers alive. I do love the deadwood, though. When I go collecting ponderosas I bring home all of the neat juniper snags I find. This tenuki styled with shimpaku is the best of both worlds for me. Implanted in a groove, the shimpaku juniper is a very attractive alternative to live rocky mountain juniper (and I can keep it alive, too). The deadwood is about 400 years old. I created the tenuki about 15 years ago. In 2008 it went through a major pruning.

Here's your chance to have a wonderfully old creation at a very reasonable cost.

Overall height is 23", height from the soil surface is 19". Ceramic pot.

Free UPS ground shipping within the continental United States.


Description and photos, September 2008.
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