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SOLD Ponderosa Pine
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Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa var. ponderosa

I started collecting ponderosa pines in Wyoming in the mid 1980's. This one was found growing in a crack at the bottom of a natural depression about 8 feet deep. The wonder of ponderosa pine bonsai is the bark. With age ponderosas develope thick scaly bark plates. There is nothing to compare. Imagine the feeling of finding a naturally dwarfed and stunted tree several hundred years old. We can estimate age pretty accurately by counting the terminal bud scale scars. This tree grew at the rate of 1" in height every 10 years. Even figuring very conservatively this tree must be well over 300 years.

We styled this ponderosa bonsai about 12 years ago. It is in a Sara Rayner custom pot. The bonsai has been shown on PBS and at ABS '06 in Saratoga Springs. It is pictured in the North American Bonsai book from that exhibit.

Here's your chance to have a legitimately old bonsai. Truly unique.

The overall height is 38", the height from the soil surface is 34".

Sara Rayner is a nationally recognized potter specializing in bonsai pots. Winner of many prestigious awards, Sara has developed her own glazes to use on her unique designs. Her pots are come highly recommended by bonsai masters. They are very sought after.

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Description and photos, September 2008.
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