SOLD Blue Atlas Cedar

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SOLD Blue Atlas Cedar
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Blue atlas cedar, Cedrus atlantica glauca

A few years ago Roy Nagatoshi sold off his remaining stock of blue atlases that he had grown especially for bonsai. I was lucky to get two of them. This is one. Blue atlases are wonderful bonsai. They take well to wire and are easy to style. The care is much like a pine. The color is a beautiful blue that draws attention at any show. This one has won a few major awards along the way. PBS filmed our collection and the crew was really taken with this bonsai.

This tree was in a featured exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts about 5 years ago. As is often the case with non-bonsai people it didn't get watered often enough (they don't like water splashing on their Rembrandts) and it was too close to the hot lights. The tree suffered greatly and has taken some time to recover. It still has some wire on it as a result. That wire will be ready to come off later this year.

Overall height is 47", from the soil surface 40". It's in a beautiful Sara Rayner ceramic pot.

The price includes all packaging, handling, and shipping charges, a $300.00 value. Your bonsai will be packed in a sturdy container filled with styrofoam peanuts and strapped to a pallet. We ship via UPS Freight. By shipping in this manner we have had no damage to trees or pots. You'll also end up with enough peanuts to take care of your Christmas needs for several years.


SALE $2500.00

Description and photos, June 2010.

Blue atlas bonsai
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