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SOLD Phoenix Graft
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Phoenix graft, Juniperus scopulorum / Juniperus shimpaku

Here's a great piece of ancient sun bleached rocky mountain juniper brought to life with an implanted shimpaku juniper. While gasping for breath near the top of some mountain we came across a chunk of dead juniper. These things are so slow growing and so dense they are virtually indestructible. Shimpaku can be attached and styled to create a tenuki bonsai. We think the deadwood is about 400 years old. We styled this bonsai about ten or twelve years ago. Chase Rosade awarded it a Best of Show.

I came across a book by a French artist, Francois Jecker. He has a jinning technique that looks very natural. I've been applying that technique to this tree with very nice results. To keep the jin and shari in good shape I've used wood hardener. The shimpaku is very vigorous and healthy. My vision is to do more of a peek-a-boo effect with the deadwood.

This really a good way to emulate some of the Japanese shimpakus.

The overall height is 32", from the soil surface 26"

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Description and photos, September 2008.
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