SOLD Japanese White Pine Bonsai

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SOLD Japanese White Pine Bonsai
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SOLD Japanese white pine, Pinus parviflora
  • Japanese import
  • About 50 years old
  • Style refined by master Suthin Sokolovisit
  • Thirty six inches tall
This is the first major bonsai that I acquired some 30 years ago. My wife and I were headed to a bonsai convention and found ourselves near Brussel's Bonsai Nursery. It wouldn't hurt to take a look, would it? The tree came home with us and we've been working on it ever since. Bonsai master Suthin Sokolovisit was in our back yard recently and when he saw this tree he fell in love with it. His touch turned it into the magnificant bonsai it is today. The tree is a Japanese import. In order to increase the drama it had been grafted to a black pine base. It has a very well done graft. We've had it 30 years and it hasn't changed size. If I had to guess age, I'd have to think 50+ years.

I'll be very sad to see this one go, but, I just can't manhandle it into it's winter storage location.

This bonsai is in an attractive bonsai pot. The overall height is 36", height from the soil surface is 31". It is graceful and well proportioned.

I pay all packaging, handling, and shipping charges, a $250.00 value. Your bonsai will be packed by UPS professionals in a sturdy container filled with styrofoam peanuts. We ship via UPS and fully insured. By shipping in this manner we have had no damage to trees or pots. You'll also end up with enough peanuts to take care of your Christmas needs for several years.

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Description and photos, Sept 2014.

White pine bonsai
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