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SOLD Ponderosa Pine
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Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa var ponderosa

This ponderosa bonsai planting is made up of three individual trees. These ancient trees range in age from 150 years to about 250 years. The ponderosas were collected in the Rocky Mountain foothills about 20 years ago. They were styled as individual trees and left to develop for 15 years or so. We had never heard of a multiple ponderosa planting so we decided to give it a try using our pre-styled trees. We had three trees that worked very well together.

I've always marveled at nature's ability to sculpt these trees. Think of the hundreds of years of storms, heavy snowfalls, limbs crashing down from neighboring trees. All of these things created the character you see here. Notice the angularity of the main trunk, that was nature at work. You cannot find this ruggedness at your neighborhood nursery.

David DeGroot awarded this bonsai Best of Show.

The overall height is 45", from the soil surface 40".

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Description and photos, September 2008.
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