SOLD Phoenix Graft Bonsai

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SOLD Phoenix Graft Bonsai
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Phoenix graft, Juniperus scopulorum / Juniperus shimpaku

This is a tenuki, a bonsai tree that fools a person. We created a phoenix graft bonsai by attaching a shimpaku to ancient deadwood. We created this in a workshop at International Bonsai Conference '87. The shimpaku is vigorous and looks natural and the deadwood looks as ancient as anything I've seen in books. The deadwood is probably 300 years old. It came from a high elevation of the Rocky Mountains

Here's your chance to have a wonderfully old creation at a very reasonable cost.

Overall height is 25", height from the soil surface is 22"

The price includes all packaging, handling, and shipping charges, a $250.00 value. Your bonsai will be packed in a sturdy container filled with styrofoam peanuts and strapped to a pallet. We ship via UPS Freight. By shipping in this manner we have had no damage to trees or pots. You'll also end up with enough peanuts to take care of your Christmas needs for several years.


SALE $500.00

Description and photos, June 2010.

Phoenix graft bonsai
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