SOLD Japanese Black Pine

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SOLD Japanese Black Pine
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SOLD Japanese black pine, Pinus thunbergii

This Japanese black pine was imported in 1982. It was personally selected by bonsai master Susumu Nakamura. It is about 50 years old. The original styling was under the instruction of Mr. Nakamura in 1985. We have since been developing it. A couple of years ago Ted Mattson suggested a needle reduction technique that seems to work quite well. By next year most of the needles should be about 3/4" naturally.

This bonsai has magnificent nebari . The bark has developed beautiful plates. I(t is well proportioned with nice movement. Suthin Sukosolvisit really likes this one. This tree will make a superb addition to any collection. Why am I selling it? I have another one.

The overall height is 24", height from the soil surface is 19"

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Description and photos, September 2008.
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