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SOLD Ponderosa Pine
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Ponderosa pine, Pinus ponderosa var ponderosa

I've always been amazed by what nature can do to ponderosa pines. This bonsai has been naturally contorted literally into a knot. We usually find trees like this under a canopy of full sized trees. My guess is that branches fall from the larger tree and hold the smaller in some shape until the branch rots away. I don't think snow load would hold the contorted shape long enough to take a set.

This ponderosa was collected near Dlouglas, Wyoming about 15 years ago. Based on terminal bud scale scars I'd estimate the age at 250 - 300 years. The natural shari is very dramatic. The basic shape is natural. Only the fine branches have been wired.

This bonsai is in a Sara Rayner pot. The overall height is 42", height from the soil surface is 37"

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Description and photos, September 2008.
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