Shimpaku juniper 4

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Shimpaku juniper 4
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Shimpaku juniper, Juniperus chinensis var shimpaku
  • Twisted trunk style
  • In development 10 years
The trunk work has been done for you. All that's left is to modify the foliage to your desire. About 10 years ago I was introduced to yamadori (twisted trunk) bonsai. I bought a Japanese import for inspiration and started designing my own. This is the result.

Overall ht is 12".

I pay all packaging, handling, and shipping charges, a $35.00 value.Your bonsai will be packed by UPS professionals in a sturdy container filled with styrofoam peanuts. We ship via UPS and fully insured. By shipping in this manner we have had no damage to trees or pots. You'll also end up with enough peanuts to take care of your Christmas needs for several years.


Description and photo May 2017
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